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Frequently asked questions about Neon Moon:

Do I need to dress for the occasion?
Absolutely!  Although we don't insist that everyone dresses to the theme, we do ask people to wear at the very least smart casual clothing - jeans and trainers are definitely not ok!
Fancy dress for the theme is allowed, and positively encouraged.

I'm not sure how to dress up for your theme!
If you check our Pinterest boards, we put together some inspirational images to get you started. We also post interesting articles on our Blog If you're still stuck, you can always get in touch with us.

Do you have wheelchair access?
This is dependent on our venue, but please do contact us, and we'll be happy to try and assist you as much as possible.

Can I book a table for the night?
This currently isn't something we're able to offer - we only reserve tables in exceptional circumstances (for example when someone has a health issue).

Help! I can't find my ticket in my email!
Don't worry - contact the agent direct, or if you're not sure who that is, then let us know.  If you are a member of the Press or an interested Venue or Private Client and would like a VIP guest list  ticket, please get in touch with us using our contact page.

For any other queries, email us.  We will help as much as possible!

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