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Our top 5 DJ's to make you beam!

There is nothing that get's you dancing quicker than a DJ that has that 'thing'. Infectious, seamless tunes, yes, but it's not that, It's the "I can't help myself' lip synching, the LOVE that shines through for the music. Dance. dance, dance because you are compelled to!

Take a look at our choice of eclectic DJ's with the 'X-Factor':

At No. 1! Swing 'n Bass (Fizzy Gilespie from Swing n' Bass has featured at many a Neon Moon *Club Cirque*) - Booming out their famously infectious mix of pulsating bass and vintage swing at Glastonbury 2019! LOOK at them BLOW!

And keeping us smiling Fizzy hosted an awesome House Party in Lockdown #1 - WE DARE YOU NOT TO DANCE!

No. 2 - Aline Rocha - gorgeous, radiant tunes and happiness eminate from this talented lady! We LOVE you!

Coming in at No.3 - Ben Rainey - Just that happy, happy face - you look, you think 'nothing special happening here' then you feel the smil on your own face and that's it. Your taken in!

No. 4 - You don't even need decks to enter our top 5!

.. and not to mention our EXSTATIC No. 5 - Living his best life!! Thank you. Just Thank You.

Soon. Soon we will be together. The grin will spread across our collective faces as we dance. Together. We love you. Keep strong.


Neon Moon

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